Thought Leadership

At Integrative Strategies we have examined best practices and leading management approaches over four decades across a broad spectrum of industries, business structures and business models. During that period, we have observed, absorbed and incorporated the new approaches, techniques and tools as they emerge and reinterpret them to our own perspective. We leverage our C-Level experience in operating organizations to examine conventional wisdom and practice, and we encourage our clients to stay focused on the imperatives that drive strategy, implementation and execution.
While we recognize the value contributed by emerging ideas, we always stay rooted to the fundamentals that form the bedrock of organizational performance.

The result of this is that we have come to a deep understanding of how organizations do and should function.  This understanding provides a clarity around identifying key drivers of success.

We invite you to enjoy some of our “Thought Papers”. Please click on any of the links below to request your own copy in pdf format.

Integrative Strengths – “Not all Swots are Created Equal”

Synopsis:  Almost all successful organizations include an assessment of their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as part of their strategic planning.  In this paper we examine the differences between Strengths and the other parameters and suggest how they should be treated differently in order to get the most out of the planning proec

Integrative Objectives – “Not your Common or Garden Variety Objectives”

Synopsis:    Strategic Objectives are the coupling point  at which we bridge planning to execution.  In this paper, we describe how to articulate these objectives so that they reflect the Who, What, When and Where for the primary and secondary enabling processes.