Our Work

Most successful organizations have well-developed planning processes that help to guide the them toward their expectations and aspirations.  Between planning and execution lies implementation, where the ground for coordinated, effective execution is  established.  At Integrative Strategies, we focus  on the critical priorities and objectives identified in the plan, not in order to change them, but to deepen them and begin to establish the implementation  framework.  We work with the management team, with minimum possible disruption of either process or management time.  Typically we begin with a review key documents based upon which we will customize an initial validation and orientation session.  The approach will validate or ensure that the organization’s leadership shares a common view of its plan.  A typical initial engagement session  will demonstrate how the critical elements of implementation should be constructed and articulated.  Afterwards, the executive team will be able to continue the process, with or without ongoing  support from Integrative Strategies.

We help you succeed by:

  • ensuring that the objectives recognize the capabilities of the organization
  • exposing and enhancing the goal-oriented interdependencies within the  organization and developing a governance framework that aligns these capabilities with coordinated execution
  • ensuring that decision makers are  provided the appropriate, actionable information in a timely manner to ensure corrective action
  • exposing and enhancing the goal-oriented interdependencies within the  organization