The Team


The team is led by Jeff Kallmeyer, a seasoned executive with extensive experience in B2C, B2B and B2G organizational initiatives at the product, brand, portfolio and business unit level. Jeff draws from his work at Unilever, Revlon, Glaxo SmithKline, Bank of America, US Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security and the US Army.  He has held leadership positions in a variety of organizations including a vertically integrated manufacturer/ retailer, a strategic research organization, a software startup in “big data” and in consulting companies dealing with risk management, strategy consulting and international investment.  From the unique insights gained working across multiple disciplines and complex organizational dynamics, Jeff has formulated the Integrative Strategies Power Implementation™ methodology.  The approach comprises a disciplined methodology to cut through the noise of complex planning, execution and day-to-day operations to focus on the essential drivers of the organization’s success, leading to great results and unlocking hidden value.

If you’d like to learn more about how Integrative Strategies can help your  organization, contact Jeff at:

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Tel icon  301.646.0238